tirsdag 24. juni 2014

Barcelona, day 13!

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Okay. Sunday actually didn't happen.
Irene was so tired she slept all day, and I sat here watching YouTube, anime and stuff in the meantime. Then we went out to eat in the evening.

Also, Irene's SO, Arild, contacted me because he has a surprise waiting for Irene.
I think it's a great one, and Irene will be so glad when she sees it.
Of course, Irene found out that I was chatting with him on the Facebook chat, so it's not a complete secret that there's a surprise, but she doesn't know what the surprise is. That's killing her a bit, because she is so insanely curious when she finds out there's a surprise waiting. So I'm even teasing her with this blog post, because she has to wait to see it - I'm not telling, and neither is Arild. :D

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