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Barcelona, day 3!

Day 1 - Day 2

Sorry for the delay, but day 3 ended in beer, and not in blogging. So on the morning of day four, here's the recap of yesterday xD

Since we had a two-day ticket on the tourist bus, we decided to take two of the routes again, just for funsies. I didn't film much on the red route the day before, so I tried to make up for that. Again, I'm no professional, so a lot of this is stupid, but yeah, here you are:

First of all, Passeig de Gràcia has a lot of modernist buildings (and a lot of upscale shopping opportunities, for the people who care about that shit). I think I managed to film half of some of them. xD

Barcelona has a lot of fancy buildings, and here's another one.

Here's random stuff; Avinguda Diagonal has tons of trees.. and parrots. I tried filming so you could hear them. Then Sants train station, which has tons of taxis. Finally, the Parc de l'Espanya Industrial next to Sants station has a dragon sculpture that doubles as a slide for the kids. xD

Parc de Joan Miró has this statue called "Woman and Bird". I don't see that, but that's okay. Then Plaça d'Espanya and the huge fountain there, and finally the Venetian Towers and MNAC with the Font Màgica in front of it.

Here are more stuff & things from the Sarrià district. One word: Frankfurtmania.

I'll just throw this one in here as well, even though it's really bad: A golden winged lady missing a head, near Camp Nou stadium.

Okay, so here's a little about our day:
We walked to Plaça Catalunya to buy something for me to cover my head with, because my scalp got burnt from the sun the day before. All I could find was a scarf/shawl/thing that was huge and made me look like an old lady or a Muslim (no offence to the hijab wearers out there, but it's not for me!), but it was all we could find and it cost 5 euros, so I went for it. And it did its job, my scalp is fine now xD We got on the red route of the Bus Turístic, which took us through the first four videos I posted; through Passeig de Gràcia, up on Montjuïc hill (I didn't film much there as we're going up there another day to explore properly), down to the port. We decided to get off the bus down in the Port Vell area, or rather at the Maremagnum shopping mall. Once there, we found a place to eat where they had okay tapas (no pics of that, they didn't look as good as they tasted), then popped by H&M to find something else for my head.

I love it, and needed to pose like a tard. xD
Then we walked around a bit more, finally found some toilets (the ones at the ground floor was connected to a shop called "2theLoo" (yes, seriously), and entering the toilet area cost 0,60 euros - no thanks), then walked outside to find us some ice cream, because it was 32 degrees out (that's 90 F) and we were slowly melting away. After devouring that and buying some more water, we got back on the bus and took it via Port Olímpic, through Barri Gòtic and back to Plaça Catalunya.

It's a statue of a man and his horse. Of course.

Also, this monument.

Francesc Macià was the 122nd President of Catalunya. 

Caixa Catalunya's headquarters in Via Laietana, Barri Gòtic.

We then got on the blue route, which took us past Sagrada Família, Park Güell, Sarrià and all that - the last two videos from earlier. Here's a quick photoshoot I've labeled as "We suck":

I'm tarding - Irene's normal.

I'm normal - Irene's tarding.
Next funny:

Quick, to the Bimbomobile!
This house was just too cute:

And then this, which is on the wall next to FRANKFURTMANIA:

"Casa de Família Germanes Hospitalàries de la Santa Creu".
What can I say, I don't speak Catalan, and the wiki page doesn't exist in any other language - translating it to English gives me this:

"The Hospital Sisters of the Holy Cross is a religious congregation, founded to address the needs of inmates at the Hospital de la Santa Creu in Barcelona. Continues to operate today, working in other places. "

I just liked the letters on the wall :'D

Anyway, after the bus returned to Plaça Catalunya, we hopped right on the metro back to the apartment, popped by the store to buy some essentials (water, beer and snacks), and then relaxed the rest of the evening. Made dinner in the apartment, then put on "Confessions of a male stripper" and had a couple of beers. xD

Today, Irene's been a bit tired from the previous days, so after eating breakfast she went right back to sleep. I needed to fix this blog post, so we haven't really done anything so far today. Plus, the forecast says it's supposed to be as hot as it was yesterday, so we have to figure out what we can do that doesn't involve too much walking in the sun. Will probably visit some museums or something :D

Anyway, that was yesterday for you all! Hopefully I'm not boring the crap out of you yet - we still have 12 days to go!

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