torsdag 19. juni 2014

Barcelona, day 6!

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Sunday! We decided to check out some museums that were free to enter after 15:00, and headed downtown. On our way I snapped some pics of the fountains at the "top" of Plaça Catalunya.


When we got to Plaça Nova, there were street dancers performing!

First we went to the MUHBA at Plaça del Rei, where you can see the ruins of the Roman city of Barcino, which is situated beneath the heart of Barri Gòtic. Since it was a free entrance day, the audio guides were removed, which meant we had to do the tour by ourselves. Not recommended. Mom and I did it with the audio guides last year, and it was so much more informative. We're thinking about going again and pay for the audio guides if we can find the time, though :D If we do, I'll try and remember to take some pics. If not, I'll fix some pictures from last year's visit instead!

We then had lunch at Bilbao-Berria, which specializes in the Basque version of tapas; pintxos. Every small dish has a wooden stick through it, and it's kinda like a buffet - you go around and pick what you want to eat, then take the wooden sticks and put them in a container on the table. When you're done, the waiter counts how many sticks you have collected. At Bilbao-Berria, one pintxo is 1,70 euros. We ate five pintxos each plus a small Coke, and were full without being stuffed.

Some kind of cured sausage on a piece of baguette, some grilled pork, a little soft sausage wrapped in bacon, and a croquette filled with a spicy minced meat mix.

The counter is brimming with all sorts of pintxos for you to enjoy - even desserts!

We were ready to hit the Museu Frederic Marès.
It was so scary. Well, not really, but it is literally a hoarder's collection of everything. Frederic Marès mostly hoarded cool stuff, luckily. There were three floors (I think) filled with sculptures, TONS of Jesuses (Jesii? xD) everywhere, to the point that I feared I would be having nightmares of Jesus on the cross bleeding on me. Tons of religious stuff. Not for me, really.
Then there was the rest of the collection. Smoking pipes. SO MANY PIPES. We were like "HOW.." Also tons of everything. We couldn't even process what we were seeing, it was so much. Add to that the fact that we were getting tired feet and tired heads, and we decided to skip the last floor of the ALL THE STUFF collection. I was so tired that I didn't even remember to take pics inside - so I took one of the courtyard instead. xD

Outside, a light rain was falling, and this man stood at one of the entrances to the Catedral playing his violin masterfully.

I actually filmed a short clip of him earlier in the day:

We decided that we wanted ice cream, and headed to Plaça del Pi / Plaça del Sant Josep Oriol to buy some. On our way there we passed through Plaça de Felip Neri again, and there a couple of newlyweds were having a photoshoot. I joined in on snapping some photos.

Also, a totally random Spanish lady came over and wanted to take a photo of Irene because of her hair. Apparently, the lady LOVED the color pink, because she started flipping through a folder of random pictures of pink objects on her phone, showing them to Irene like it was her biggest treasure. We were like "Oh yeah, nice pink shoes.. oh yeah, nice pink eyeshadow.. oh yeah, more nice pink shoes.." xD At last, we were released from the insanity of the woman's pink-obsessed mind, and we went to buy ice cream. On our way we found this small shrine to the city's co-patron saint, Santa Eulàlia.


Plus these mannequins:

After enjoying some gooood ice cream, we decided it was time to head home. Irene was getting tired, and her legs were starting to hurt again. The rest of the day was spent inside the apartment, where Irene got some much-needed rest while I watched a movie and relaxed a bit myself.

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