onsdag 25. juni 2014

Barcelona, day 15!

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Today was all about Sagrada Familia. It was the one thing we REALLY wanted to see that we hadn't seen yet, and it was our last chance. We bought tickets online, and were there around 13:30 (aka 1:30 PM).

Irene's right leg was a bit tired after yesterday, so we decided we'd really take our time today. We had nothing but Sagrada Familia on our itinerary, and we both agreed it was worth it. We started with the Gaudí Museum, went on to the gift shop, then went inside and looked there for a while. We sat and enjoyed the mood.

We then went back downstairs because it was nice and cool there, and watched the 15-minute long video they have about the history of the basilica. When it was done, we stopped by the toilet to freshen up before deciding to see the inside again.

When we reached the back of the altar, I asked Irene kindly to look to the right.

If you've read about day 13, the Sunday that didn't happen, you'll remember that Arild and I had a chat via Facebook about a surprise for Irene. Maybe it's now dawning on you that I didn't really mention when he had a surprise for her.

Arild was standing there in a suit.

What Arild talked to me about was this crazy idea that he wanted to come down here today to propose to Irene. I told him that it was the perfect moment - our last day of the best holiday of our lives, and the one thing on our itinerary was the architectural wonder Irene loves the most. I helped him decide on Sagrada Familia, suggested where inside to do it (it's a bit more private on the sides behind the altar), and we agreed on a time. Of course, the best laid plans... He was supposed to be there before us, but a delayed flight caused him to be there several hours later, which meant I had to really make sure Irene wasn't ready to leave the church until Arild had arrived. I also had to make sure she was at the right place at the right time. Finally, things slid into place, and I could take Irene to where she was supposed to be.

Arild was standing there in a suit. Irene froze. I had to nudge her and tell her to go to him three times before she moved.

While I was filming, he talked quietly to her, then went down on one knee and asked her to marry him. She said yes.

Many tears were involved, both from the three of us and onlookers. Afterwards, we sat for a while because the newly engaged(!) couple needed to sit and calm down, then went outside so they could make some calls to inform their loved ones back home. This was when we noticed this beautiful flowery canopy, and Irene knew she wanted a photo of her and Arild there.

The rest of the day was spent celebrating, getting Arild checked into our hotel and then dinner (and I got a new hotel room because of power issues, so I'm spending the last night in a 14th floor room with free breakfast in the morning, yay!) - and now it's packing and sleeping time.

I'll add the pictures from Sagrada Familia either tomorrow night or as soon as I can after that - I just wanted to bring you this beautiful story (with Irene's approval, of course)!

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