tirsdag 24. juni 2014

Barcelona, day 14!

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MY BIRTHDAY! I turned 60, it feels like.

Which is also a big day of celebrations here in Barcelona - Sant Joan is really on the 24th, but the night of the 23rd is also called The Night of Fire. Because fireworks. Also bonfires.

We spent the day with stuff. First another visit to Lush because we'd both forgotten to buy one thing when we were there last. Then we went to Starbucks for breakfast and a frappuccino, and decided we'd buy a 1-day ticket on the tourist bus, because all the air is great (and yesterday was really humid) and we didn't have to walk all the way to the metro station. Yeah, we're that lazy sometimes. xD

When we got to the tourist bus stop, we asked if we'd get a 10% discount with a coupon and our previous tickets, but it was only valid in other cities. The 1-day ticket is 27 euros, and even though 27 is the most beautiful number ever, it is kind of expensive. Then the ticket sales guy was all whispers and told us that he had 2-day tickets from yesterday that we could get for 15 euros each. We said YES THANK YOU SO MUCH and I think it was just because it was my birthday. Fate!

We jumped on the red line and saw Montjuïc again, enjoyed the sun and fresh breeze, jumped over to the green line and decided we'd go to Museu Blau and the Diagonal Mar shopping mall. Of course, yesterday was Monday. Again. And we'd forgotten about that fact. Again. So Museu Blau was closed. We went to Diagonal Mar, enjoyed some ice cream, bought some really stupid stuff (I bought refill cans for Mom's Airwick air freshener spray thingie and .. dish detergent that smells like green apples), and then jumped on the bus again.

We went to Barri Gòtic and ate lunch at Bilbao-Berria again - no sign of our Norwegian waiter :(
Then we went by Happy Pills, because it's "the sickest store ever", according to the American girls that were there, too. And it really is! You get inside and it's a wall of pick-and-mix candy. There are plastic gloves and various containers, and then you just go to town. At the counter, they give you the cap for the container and ask you to choose a prescription - there are several different stickers you can put on that says what the "pills" are for. So yeah, SICK. Or Happy. Anyway, it's awesome.

Then we got lost in the streets of Barri Gòtic again, Irene bought a small carry-on suitcase so we can make sure we don't have any excess weight on any of our suitcases. We haven't shopped that much, but just in case, it's good to have another bag to even things out. By that time, we were getting hungry again, and Irene was close to dying of a heat stroke. Okay, so maybe not, but she was very hot because she'd gotten sunburnt, and the humidity was a bit tough to handle. We went back to the hotel room to cool her down, put our shopping bags away and get ready to go to Hard Rock Café for my birthday dinner.

Away we went, and dinner was grrreat! We started off with their potato skins. SO GOOD. Oh god, so gooood.. mmm. TATERSKINS. Then Irene had the Legendary Burger while I had Twisted Mac, Chicken & Cheese. So good. So good. We both ate until we died a little, and then paid for our meal and left.
By the time we got out of there, the party had started outside. Everywhere, families and friends were gathered to throw firecrackers around, and MAN, those firecrackers had OOMPFH. Our ears were ringing when we reached the metro station!
Back at the hotel, we took advantage of the view from our room, cracked open a beer each and watched the fireworks. So beautiful!

After a while, though, we found out we were really, really tired, and went to bed. It was a great birthday, with a lot of well wishes. Makes one feel so, so good :D

(Yeah, I know, no pictures. I had almost no power on my cell phone yesterday because I forgot to charge it. Plus, we didn't really.. SEE anything. I'll see if I took any pictures with my compact camera - If so, I'll add them either tonight or when we get home.)

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