fredag 20. juni 2014

Barcelona, day 8!

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Tuesday was the ultimate relaxing day, because I kinda ruined Irene on Monday. She was so tired on Tuesday that she stayed in bed most of the day, sleeping. In the meantime, I spent the day reading, watching documentaries on my laptop, editing some pictures and all that.

In the late evening, we had a lovely thunderstorm, which we watched from the apartment. I filmed a little bit, though it didn't capture much - the lightning bolts we got to witness were amazing, I just wasn't filming then (of course).

After admiring it for a while we were hungry, so we decided on going out in the rain to our friendly neighborhood restaurant Zian to eat dinner. Yum, pizza. Also, my Coke Zero was half-frozen, so I technically got a slushie :D

Back at the apartment we started packing, as Wednesday would be the Great Moving Day, where we moved out of the apartment and into the Meliã hotel we stayed at back in 2010. We also went to bed early, as check-out was at 11 AM at the latest.

On Wednesday morning I filmed this short snippet of the apartment - I'll put it here so this post at least has SOMETHING in it:

So yeah, that was it for Tuesday. We're on our way out the door now for more adventures, so I'll write up Wednesday (which was also kind of a slow day) and Thursday when we get back tonight. See ya!

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