onsdag 11. juni 2014

Barcelona, day 2!

Day 1

HELLO. And good night (it's 22:25 here, also known as 10:25 PM) xD

Today we've just been cruisin' around on the tourist bus pretty much all day. It's a hop on/hop off thing, but we've been doing very little hopping - just enjoying the view and the wind in our faces. Today has been very hot, so the wind was pretty awesome :D

Anyway, I filmed a little later in the day. Tested out different apps. The wifi on the bus was spotty, so I've only uploaded shorter stuff on Instagram (and a Vine), but I'll fix the longer videos later. Right now, I'm pretty much beat xD

 ..so yeah, that's that for now, actually. I'll have a look through my phone to see if I've taken any pics today - right now, I can't actually remember, haha. It's been a long day, so now we're gonna relax on the bed with our feet up and eat some candy because nom Spanish candy. :D


I'm adding two videos from Vimeo here as soon as they're uploaded and stuff.


20140611_183823.mp4 from skadet on Vimeo.


20140611_193900.mp4 from skadet on Vimeo.

Update #2:
I just went through my camera and found a few pictures, so here you are!

This is a sculpture in Port Olímpic. Aside from it being a skewered face, I don't know anything about it xD

The fountains at Plaça Catalunya. I'll get some better pics later.

Another (way smaller) fountain, also at Plaça Catalunya. It's so cugly :D

We all know what this is; the Sagrada Família. We just did a drive-by, I'll get more pics when we visit it properly.

I recently learned that the golden man on the bridge is Jesus, and this symbolizes his ascension.
This is the entrance of the Passion Façade, dedicated to the suffering of Jesus.

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