fredag 20. juni 2014

Barcelona, day 9!

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Since Wednesday was moving day, we didn't really do much that day, either.
We finished packing, tidied up in the apartment, I shot the aforementioned video (see day 8) and then we left at a little before 11 AM.
Irene hailed a taxi, which took us to the hotel in no time. When we got there, we were met by the doorman, who took our luggage and followed us inside. We were there very early, so there wasn't any room ready for us just yet. We were asked to come back a few hours later, so we gave them our luggage while we went out exploring.

The first thing we did was .. go to Starbucks for a frappuccino and breakfast. Then we decided to go check out the L'Illa shopping mall, which is a 10-minute walk from the hotel and enormous. The main reason for us to go there?


Yeah. We both shopped for 65 euros. And we're probably going back there again before we leave xD

After spending a good amount of time in the Lush store we went outside in a little park and sat there smelling our bags. Also enjoyed the temperature, because Spain. :D
Finally we got tired of sitting there, so we went back inside and took a look around, but found nothing more interesting. Plus, we'd wasted enough time that we could go back to the hotel and see if there were any rooms ready yet - so that's what we did, and there was a room ready for us.
We're on the 11th floor (that's the 12th floor for us Norwegians), with somewhat of a city view, at least, and our room is good enough for us :D
The WiFi is ridiculously slow, though, which is why I've been lagging behind on the blogging. That and just being tired at night.

Anyway, we got to our room, unpacked and stuff, then relaxed for a while. Later we went out shopping for food and posted a lot of postcards, went by Starbucks again for more frappuccinos (I tried the strawberry one, which was just horrible), then returned to our room for more relaxing. Finally, we enjoyed a late dinner at La Tagliatella. Pastaaah!

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